Michel Plasson French Music. La Belle Hélène

Albane Carrère's acting, charm and physique are wonderful. (Jérôme Pesqué, ODB Opéra. July 2015)

As "la belle Hélène", whose pose she could aptly display, she showed a remarkable sense of acting. (Guillaume Saintagne, Forum Opéra. July 2015)

(...) Albane Carrère is delightful in her invocation of Venus. (Danielle Anex-Cabanis, Utmisol. July 2015)

The Fairy Queen. Hardelot Midsummer Festival

In « I am come to lock all fast » Albane Carrère spread so many qualities and diction of stamp that we can only regret not to listen to her with more solo during the evening. (Laurent Bury, Forumopera. June 2015)

Don Giovanni, Tours. Zerlina

The discovery of that performance is Albane Carrère, with her delightful vocal frehness and acting, particularly in a charmingly "fruity" "Batti, batti, o bel Masetto" (Vincent Deloge, ResMusica. October 2013)

Albane Carrère's pretty timbre, a perfectly accurate and eloquently articulate Zerlina : there lay the beautiful surprise of the evening. (Maximilien Hondermarck, Forum Opéra. October 2013)

The lively and delicate french mezzo. Albane Carrère lends Zerlina her freshness and her musicality. (Emmanuel Andrieu, ConcertoNet. October 2013)

The Dispute

(...) The quarrel of Albane Carrère with Egle is a small masterpiece of interpretation (...) (Nicolas Derny, Forum Opéra, Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie, March 2013)

French melody concert. Opera Fuoco

Albane Carrère, deeply concentrated, lends Chausson's music accents that seem to draw their inspiration from the melancholy of a blue look. A moving evidence that one also sings with one's eyes. (Christophe Rizoud, Forum Opéra, October 2012)

Récital Gustav Mahler

From the outset, we are charmed by the fleshy, round, ductile voice of the mezzo-soprano Albane Carrère (...)The voice knows how to comply with the requirements of the mahlerian lied, at times it darkens without losing its colour (...) One feels in Albane Carrère a temperament and an ability to alter the atmosphere, to find the right tone without neglecting neither projection, nor length of breath. (E.Gibert, ODB Opera. Opéra de Rouen, November 2011)

Berio's Folk Songs

Albane Carrère is a young mezzo-soprano with an exceptional voice. A destiny! A personality! A beauty! A smart sign language! A first-class stage presence. (Roger Simons. Château de Seneffe, July 2011)

Thérèse de Massenet

Albane Carrère defends Thérèse´s role with the beautiful temperament of a tragedienne, displaying an excellent diction, a velvety timbre and a true and solid singing, with pure high notes which are emitted without effort. (Richard Letawe, Classique Info)

Thérèse is an extraordinarily elaborate character (...) the beautiful portrait of a woman, outstandingly rendered by the young and beautiful Albane Carrère. Her aria "day of June, summer day" was greeted with enthusiasm.(Bruno Peeters, Crescendo Magazine)

Palais des Beaux-Arts de Charleroi/Opéra Royal de Wallonie, November 2010, June 2011


Mezzo-soprano Albane Carrère (Karolka) plays her role with competence.(Brigitte Cormier, Forum Opéra, may 2011)

The Magic Flute

(...)As the second lady, Albane Carrère is perfect. She displays a perfect vocal quality as well as a strong stage presence.((Théâtre en Normandie, february 2011)

The Sound of music

Maria's role is remarkably interpreted by Albane Carrère. In fact, her resemblance with Julie Andrews reminds us that castings are useful indeed. (Forum de Liège)

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